About Us

IMME S.A. is now Kubu Digital Media

Having played in the digital media space since 2015 as IMME.co.za, we felt that 2021 was a time for new beginnings. IMME clearly stated what we did and still do – internet, media, marketing and e-commerce.

Kubu, the seSotho word for hippopotamus, represents our core values – strength with speed and steadiness. We are constantly exploring new opportunities to better service our clients and expand our organisation while holding true to our values. The tech sector is constantly evolving and we work with partners and associated across the globe to find relevant solutions to business problems in the South African context.

As Kubu Digital Media, we are expanding our digital footprint beyond WordPress web development for SMEs. We have shifted our focus to social media management and digital marketing for our clients. As part of our commitment to growth and innovation, we also provide lead generation services to our clients and partners.